This is designed to encourage and support our teachers and staff.  With today‚Äôs challenges, lack of parental support, lack of funds, and lack of discipline and character our teachers and school staff are facing increased pressure and frustration.  We as a community need to have a structured and planned out purposeful  way to lift them up and encourage them.  This program is simple:

  • We find and civic organization, church, or business that wants to adopt a grade.
  • We hand out a survey to each teacher or staff in that grade.  This survey helps us to understand how we can help and encourage them.
  • We take the survey and establish ten things we can do to help and encourage them for that year.  This translates into one thing being done for the teachers and staff per month.
  • We also see the need to encourage and support our transportation (bus drivers) and our administration departments. We encourage the adoption of these folks as well.
  • We are also working with community and technical colleges in areas where they exist.
  • The Adopt-a-Grade program has been a very fun success, and well worth the time and effort put into it. These teachers work hard for their students, and we are blessed to be able to give back in whatever way we can to help make their jobs even a little easier.
We do however need your help. Adopt-a-Grade survives and thrives from the generous monetary gifts, the donations of much needed resources/supplies for our teachers and staff, and ESPECIALLY the value of your time are all incredibly appreciated.
If you would like to know how to invest in the lives of staff and children at your school, through CEN programs please reach out to us, so we can make an appointment to speak with you. We would love to share with you the opportunity to strengthen staff and children in our schools.