To our community partners,

We want to say thanks for all our partners who invested into our schools(students and staff) this past year. We all know last year was a challenge, but with the Lord's help and a strong community we made it through. Now it's time to get going for this year. 

The school Superintendent called and said the he, our school principals, and other staff "need and want your help in our schools." They are inviting us in, so will you go with us?

The school is asking for involvement. They want CEN to provide four programs into our schools. We need you to agree to be a volunteer as a mentor or coach in Making Wise Choices or as a presenter in Character Under Construction.

Making Wise Choices= Small Group Mentoring/Coaching
Character Under Construction= A series of classroom lessons presenting morals and ethics
Words of Wisdom= Thought for the Day intercom and video announcements
Adopt-a-Grade/Staff= Support and encouragement for our teachers &staff

Together We Can Make A Difference!

How else can you help answer this call? You can become a partner of CEN and choose one of the following partnerships.

CEN Platinum Partner- Contribution of $500 or more a month
CEN Gold partner- Contribution of $400-$499 a month
CEN Silver Partner- Contribution of $300-$399 a month
CEN Bronze partner- Contribution of $200-$299 a month
CEN Medal partner- Contribution of $100-$199 a month
CEN Friendships- Contribution of $10-$99 a month


If you need further information, please text, or call  850-295-2976.

Thank you for your willingness to help us in developing our youth for tomorrow!