The churches and organization of Perry, Florida have been showing the teachers, staffs, and schools such encouragement and love. In the beginning of the school year the teachers and staffs all received beautiful luncheons and desserts made by local restaurants and individuals. Through out the years the teachers  and staff are receiving birthday cards and gifts, there has been drawing for gift cards, and gifts of encouragement have been made and given. 

For the Thanksgiving season, the Transportation Department received a beautiful, warm breakfast, the Administrative Offices received a homemade lunch, and  the Elementary School received a nice catered lunch. The upcoming Christmas season is bringing the Primary, Middle, and High School teachers and staff lunches next week.

Character Education Now would like to thank all the organizations and churches for their love and encouragement for these teachers and staff member of Taylor County Schools. Also a huge thank you to the teachers, staff, and bus drivers of Taylor County schools for ALL you do for the students in our community.

Together we are building a better community and developing our youth into stronger leaders for tomorrow.



Taylor County Schools have Early Release on December 19th-20th.       Taylor County Schools will be Closed from December 23rd- January 6th

Make Wise Choice

Character Education Now and their partner Cornerstone Fellowship’s Ron Hagberg are pleased to share recent data supplied by Taylor County Middle School on the results of our mentoring/ coaching program from 2018-2019 school year. 

Last year we had 34 boys from the middle school that were participating in the Make A Wise Choice mentoring/ coaching program. 

   * This year we have approximately 49 boys in the program. 

The main goal for the first year of Make A Wise Choice mentoring /coaching program was to have the students:

  * Improve their attendance 70%, and they did improve. 

  * Improve their levels, and 13% stayed at a high level.

  * We wanted the to have less referrals; 75 % of the 7th and      

     8th graders improved or stay the same in referrals.   

              (6th graders changed schools which is a major system changed, so they had to learn the ropes) 

  * Improve their reading and math grades, halfway through the year   

              we started focusing on improving their grades. 47 % of students improved in Math and Reading, 38 % improved both. 

Making A Wise Choice has gained several new male coaches for the 2019-2020 school year, as the program continues to grow. Currently we have 9 coaches with two joining this month.

Making A Wise Choice has started and already showing success in Steinhatchee schools, with their new coaches and volunteers. 

Make A Wise Choice has also welcomed new female coaches, and their Lady Dawgs groups. The young ladies of Taylor County Middle School are excited to have a group where they can come and be encouraged. 

        * We currently have 13 girls, and 5 mentors/coaches

We are in the process of analyzing the grades from the 1st 9 weeks of this school year, and we will identify the weak areas. From there we will focus on making sure the boys and girls are getting the support and guidance that they need. If you are interested in becoming a male or female coach, contact the office of Character Education Now and we will get you connected .

Character Education Now: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Character Education Now  offices are officially open  On November 5th, Character Education Now with the Taylor County Chamber of Commerce cut the official ribbon. Character Education Now, also known as CEN, celebrated our new office and studio with several members of the chambers, community, friends, and family. Character Education Now is a non-profit organization that partners with several churches and local organizations / business to encourage the teachers and staff of Taylor County, as well as working within the schools to teach students to have good morals and character.

CEN has four core programs: Making a Wise Choice (small group mentoring/ coaching), Words of Wisdom (thought for the Day Intercom and Video Announcements, done daily in the schools), Character Under Construction (A series of classroom lessons presenting morals and ethics), and Adopt-A-Grade/Staff ( the support and encouragement program that is offered to the teachers and staff).  Character Education Now can be seen through out the city of Perry and Steinhatchee helping others, working with the community, creating events for the children and families to participate in, and so much more. CEN also has their own studio in which we make recordings, do on site events and production.  If you were unable to make our ribbon cutting, and are interested in learning more about who Character Education Now is and what they do, feel free to call and we will be glad to meet with you. Please check out the service page, and see what services we offer. If your interested in support CEN or becoming involved, please contact us and we will plug you in to one of our programs.