My name is Jason Naes and I am the Student Pastor at Perry 1st Assembly of God. I want to take a minute to tell you about the opportunities that they will listen to you!

 Please come join me one Tuesday and see for yourself the incredible opportunity Character Education has given me with our schools.  Every Tuesday I have had the privilege of spending my day with 9th and 10th graders at the High School as well as Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers at the Accelerated School.  I see roughly around 140 students every week! 

What I am able to do in these classes is to help teach what I call the intangibles in life.  Our teachers spend their time covering topics like Math, Science, and History, all very important, but they rarely get the opportunity to talk to our students about life, integrity, never giving up, hope, forgiveness.  

One of my favorite lessons is the one on Abraham Lincoln. Though we know him as one of the greatest Presidents of America, most don’t know that he failed in almost every business and election he had every participated in except for being President. But those failures are what gave him the tools to be so successful. These are areas that we are losing in our society and I (we) have the opportunity to spend some time teaching life lessons to our students. But I need your help, I like to think that I am a charismatic guy, but there are students that just won’t listen to me. But I m thankful for the opportunity we have been given in our schools.